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FAQ's About Notice of Public Hearing to Review Special Assessment Roll and Project Costs

Updated: Apr 5

Sent by the Forest Lake Level Authority Board on April 18, 2024

Why am I receiving this notice?

You are receiving this notice because you may own lands within the Lake Level Special Assessment District that was previously established by the Arenac County Circuit Court for maintaining the legal lake level of Forest Lake.

What is a Special Assessment District?

A Special Assessment District is an area of land designated to receive special assessments for a particular benefit that it receives from certain public projects, such as lake levels.

Do I have to attend the Public Hearing?

You are not required to attend the Public Hearing; however you must protest in person or by writing to reserve your right to appeal the proposed special assessment.

What is my assessment amount?

Your estimated assessment amount is listed on your attached notice and will be available at the Public Hearing to Review the Special Assessment Roll and Project Costs.

Are property owner assessments solely paying for this project?

No, stakeholders have worked diligently to secure grants to contribute to this project to alleviate some of the project costs on property owners.

Will my assessment go down if more grants are approved?

If additional grants are approved and received, your assessment amount may


When do I receive my special assessment?

Lake level assessments may be on your Winter Tax bills and are only levied when costs are incurred for the maintenance of the lake levels.

Will there be a Zoom option for the meeting?

Yes, a voluntary Zoom link will be posted on the below website and information for the meeting is (Meeting ID: 838 6605 9731, Passcode: 076924, Telephone: 833-548-0276). However, if desire to preserve legal rights to appeal your assessments you must submit a letter or attend the hearing in-person as outlined in your notice. Moreover, if technical issues arise with the voluntary Zoom option, it may be discontinued without notice.

Can I prepay my assessment amount?

You may prepay your assessment in full to avoid interest. Please provide all prepayments by May 14, 2024. More information regarding prepayments will be available on the website and you may call 989-318-4241 to indicate that you would like to prepay.

FAQs about Notice of Public Hearing
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