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Est. 1967

Forest Lake

Forest Lake has a surface area of 177.6 acres and a perimeter of approximately six miles. It receives water from Wells Creek and is a tributary of the Rifle River that flows to Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron. The Forest Lake legal lake level was established in 1967 and a special assessment district was established in 2023.​

Winter level: 722 feet

Summer level: 727 feet

Forest Lake Dam

Spillway Failure: May 2020

Forest Lake Dam impounds the water of Wells Creek, creating Forest Lake which then flows into the Rifle River. The dam was constructed in 1967 by a developer to create a lake for recreation. It is a 600-foot earthen embankment featuring a concrete structure that channels water into a culvert and a concrete spillway chute that directs water into Wells Creek and the Rifle River.

During a rain event on May 19, 2020, the Forest Lake area received seven inches of rain in just a few hours, which is considered a 500-year rain event. The excessive amount of water impacted the Forest Lake Dam by overflowing the downstream spillway chute that directs water into Wells Creek and undermining it, causing significant erosion and collapse of the concrete. This resulted in lowering the level of Forest Lake to its winter level to minimize flow to the outlet spillway and prevent further damage.

Forest Lake Dam.PNG
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