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How it Works

Special Assessment District

What it is

Pursuant to Part 307, Inland Lake Levels, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 Pa 451 and Part 315, Dam Safety, the Arenac County Board of Commissioners may pass a resolution stating that the cost to maintain lake level infrastructure can be defrayed by a special assessment against property owners who benefit from the lake/bodies of water when costs are incurred.


Assessments are only levied when costs are incurred related to the lake level. Assessments generally show up as an annual cost on the property owner's winter property tax bill.

Who it Impacts

Privately owned parcels of land and subdivisions around and near Forest Lake that benefit from the lake level are included in the special assessment district. This also impacts local units of government. Parcels in the special assessment district include

  • Direct Access Lots (approx. 317 parcels)

  • Indirect Access Lots (approx. 1,668 parcels)

  • Residential Lots

  • Condos and Apartments

  • Cabins

  • Mobile Homes

  • Campgrounds

  • Commercial Lots

Lake Level Board

The Forest Lake Lake Level Authority Board worked with relevant stakeholders to determine the boundaries for a special assessment district.

The individuals appointed to the Forest Lake Level Authority Board are:

  1. Moffatt Township Supervisor (chair): Ray Daniels

  2. Clayton Township Supervisor: Byron Fogarasi

  3. Arenac County Drain Commissioner: Larry Davis 

  4. Arenac County Commissioner: Sally Mrozinski

  5. Forest Lake Property Owners Association representative: Daniel LeFevre

Lake Level Special Assessment Information

The estimated project cost is $13,200,000. The property owners in the special assessment district are financing $2,087,340.65 over 15 years at a 5%* interest rate. Parcels are assessed based on the benefit (i.e., waterfront vs backlot and amount of frontage).

*Interest rate is subject to change and will be finalized once the bond is secured.

Base Factor
Factor Weight
Direct access (waterfront) parcel
Adjacent direct access parcel (same owner)
Indirect access (backlot) parcel
Adjacent indirect access parcel (same owner)

Assessment Prepayment Information

Deadline: June 14, 2024
What's My Prepayment/Payoff Amount?

You can find your total assessment payoff amount at the following places:

  1. Letter - The "Total Assessment (Prepay Amount" in the upper righthand corner of the letter you received in the mail.

  2. SAD Map - Search for your parcel using your address or parcel ID in the map. A pop-up will appear for your parcel. Scroll down in the pop-up and towards the bottom your "Total Assessment" is listed.

  3. Assessment Roll - Search for your parcel in the assessment roll.

  4. Drain Commissioner Office - Stop by in-person at the Arenac County Drain Office (120 N. Grove St.) and request to see the special assessment roll.

How to Prepay
  1. IN-PERSON — In-person payments can be made at the Arenac County Drain Commissioner’s Office at 120 N. Grove Street, Standish, MI 48658.

  2. MAIL — Mail payments to:


ATTN: Arenac County Drain Commissioner

120 N. Grove Street, PO Box 747

Standish, MI 48658


All prepayments made by mail must be received by June 14, 2024. Include a letter indicating the parcel ID of the property for which the prepayment will apply. Failure to identify a property to apply a prepayment may result in the prepayment not being applied.

Make checks payable to Arenac County and include "Forest Lake Level" in the memo. 

Can I Prepay After the Deadline?

Yes, but you will be charged interest accrued to that point. It is extremely helpful to the lake level special assessment district if prepayment decisions are made before June 14, 2024, as it will owe interest charges on the total bonded amount regardless if prepayments are received after the deadline.

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